Foreclosed Home Inspections

So, you want to buy a house cheaply and see the foreclosure market. Given the small quantities of these properties in the Miami area, you'll want to keep up with the times. And it can be rewarded as a great long-term investment. But like any other large purchase, you need to know as much as possible about the foreclosed property before you buy.

Moisture penetration, which leads to leaks and mold growth, is just one of the major problems that South Florida home inspectors often see in split properties. From wild boars to giant beehives, Pro-Elements Home Inspection has seen plenty of strange discoveries on foreclosed properties. The original owners can plunder their property, take whatever they can pry open and loosen, and you have to pay.

Especially if you are buying a bank foreclosure, it is essential to have a home inspection before you buy real estate. Pro-Elements Home Inspection conducts thorough inspections on foreclosed properties in Miami and surrounding areas to ensure any safety concerns are addressed. In such cases, it may not be possible for the previous owner to determine how well the home was cared for or if major damage was inflicted before leaving the home. Check with your bank to see how long it will take from the initial quote, inspect the home, and arrange it immediately. Hopefully, you can trade with confidence and know which repairs to make. That alone is worth the cost of the test. If your home inspection reveals a costly disaster, you can save tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.