Protecting Your Home With Wind Mitigation

There is no excuse for Floridians to be lax about protecting their homes. It might be too late to implement changes to secure your property if you wait until hurricane season is in full swing. As a homeowner, you should devote some time to evaluating how well-prepared your house is to endure severe weather during the off-season.

Installing windstorm protection elements in Florida homes should be part of such protection. These wind mitigation techniques not only strengthen your property but also safeguard it and may eventually result in cheaper home insurance rates. The most common wind mitigation features include:

  • Storm shutters and panels that protect windows and other openings from wind, rain and projectiles
  • Doors and windows built to withstand wind pressure and projectiles
  • Roofing materials and coverings that shield your home from wind and rain
  • Special attachments for roofs and walls to prevent the roof from being blown off by severe winds
  • Roof and building shapes that are more resistant to high winds

Once you’ve added these features to your home, having a Wind Mitigation Inspection should be your next step. These specialized inspections are beneficial because they:

  • Inspect mitigation features present in your home
  • Review how you can make your home stronger and more resistant to damage
  • Provide written documentation to submit to your insurance company requesting premium discounts.

You should bring copies of any paperwork you have from your upgrades when it's time for your inspection. Your house and property will undergo a thorough assessment by the inspector, which will cover:


  • Roof shape, materials, condition and connections
  • Home’s basic structure and construction materials
  • Attic interior
  • Exterior and garage doors, windows and skylights
  • Wall construction
  • Storm shutters/panels

Our certified home inspection professionals have the tools, knowledge and experience to make sure your home can endure the upcoming storms while also saving you money. Call Pro-Elements Home Inspection to schedule your inspection today. 305-878-9035.