Why Should I Get A One Year Warranty Inspection?


So, you bought a brand-new house, and it is seemingly flawless! However, after living in it for a few months, you start noticing some defects. This is a widespread occurrence. The fact is that, with something as complex and multi-faceted as a house, mistakes can happen – even with the best builders in the business. That is why most contractors provide a one-year warranty on new builds. It's an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the builder's warranty so that your home can meet most of your expectations before the year is up. The best way to get the most from your warranty is to receive an expert and unbiased assessment of the home. This is why you should consider a home inspection before and after you buy a home.


What is a One Year Warranty on A Residential Home?

Most new homes come with a one-year warranty (also known as a builder warranty). The coverage varies from builder to builder, so your responsibility as the new homeowner is to be familiar with your coverage. The warranty will generally cover quality items such as siding, drywall, doors, trim, paint, etc. It will also cover significant components of the home, such as electrical, plumbing, floor systems, roofing, load-bearing walls, and ductwork.


Most building companies provide their coverage or outsource to a third-party warranty company. The cost of this warranty plan is almost always factored into the home's overall price so that you won't have any additional monthly fees. Beware that builder warranties can be limited. For example, they generally don't cover appliances under the manufacturer's warranty. They will also not cover damage incurred by natural disasters or storms unless the damage is due to the builder's error. Be sure to familiarize yourself with any limitations that your warranty may have to avoid costly surprises down the road.


What is a One Year Warranty Inspection?

After living in a home for some time, you may start to notice some issues. Some may be minor and others larger, but you may also miss some things. The last thing you want is for your warranty to expire without identifying and having the opportunity to address any significant issues.

That's why hiring a professional to take a fine-tooth comb over the home and premises is a wise decision. When one of our inspectors comes out to take a look, he can address any of the concerns you have already experienced and shed light on any other problems that may have been overlooked.


A one-year warranty inspection is one of Pro-Elements Home Inspection's many specialized services. This service covers all of the major systems included in our standard home inspection:

Lots and Ground, Exterior Surfaces, Roof and Attic, Electrical Systems, Heating and Cooling Systems, Plumbing Systems, Interior Conditions, Appliance Functionality, and Sprinkler Systems (During Summer).



Other Important Things You Should Know

It's generally a good idea to schedule a one-year warranty inspection about ten months after you move into your new home. That gives you plenty of time before the warranty expires. The last thing you want is to miss out on that warranty window!


This will also give your inspection company ample time to fit you into their schedule. Pro-Elements Home Inspection is also ready to help with this type of inspection. Regarding your builder warranty, we want to ensure we can meet your needs before the one-year deadline is up!

As the homeowner, you will be responsible for speaking with your contractor about any issues you find. Regarding builder warranties, an inspection is not required, but you can present the issues you have found on your own and likely negotiate the necessary repairs.

However, you will have even more leverage when armed with a comprehensive home inspection report completed by a certified home inspector. Our inspectors know how to identify issues and recommend the necessary repair methods in their reports. This report can be used as a valuable tool to encourage builders to make repairs properly and quickly.


While our warranty inspection reports do not guarantee that items will be fixed, since sometimes certain items are not covered by the builder warranty, the report is simply a way to shed light on all of the observed problem areas. If you are coming up for one year in your new home and looking to take advantage of your warranty, please feel free to reach out for more info or to book your inspection today!



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